Thyroid Cancer

Treatment is usually surgery to remove part or all of the thyroid gland. In some cases, Radioactive Iodine treatment may be used following recovery from surgery.

Surgery is best performed by a surgeon with significant experience in thyroid surgery, and experience treating thyroid cancer. A surgeon who regularly takes part in a multidisciplinary meeting discussing thyroid surgery will remain up to date with current treatments. The guidelines for thyroid surgery have recently changed, and a more minimal approach is now being favoured by international groups such as the American Thyroid Association (ATA).

Our team has experience numbering in the hundreds and will offer you excellent results from your thyroid surgery with:

  • Thorough physical examination including the larynx (voice box)
  • Close discussion with local pathologists for the most accurate diagnosis of any biopsy
  • Up to date knowledge of current treatment guidelines
  • Electrical monitoring of nerves to the larynx (voice box) during surgery
  • Minimal incision and scarring
  • Accurate follow up and monitoring

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