Salivary Gland Infections

Salivary glands are present throughout the mouth and throat and also include large glands such as the parotid gland and submandibular gland that produce significant volumes of saliva. The parotid gland is found under the cheek skin and behind the jaw, and produces a significant amount of runny saliva during eating. The submandibular gland is under the jaw in the neck and produces a more constant flow of more mucous-like saliva. These glands may be affected by infection or blockage and may have tumour formation. These glands may be inflamed by viral infections. These usually affect both sides of the gland. Single side inflammation is often due to bacterial infection and can be associated with obstruction with thick saliva or stones. Good nutrition and hydration will help prevent stone formation. Antibiotics as well as some conservative measures such as massage, heat pack and chewing are often of benefit in these infections.

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