Neck Lumps

Treatment of lumps within the neck region are treated according to the underlying diagnosis and pathology. Some common lumps such as inflamed lymph nodes do not require any treatment. Rarely medications may be appropriate to adequately treat a lump in the neck such as a salivary gland infection.

Benign lumps such as thyroglossal duct cysts and branchial cysts usually do not require urgent intervention but if symptomatic, require surgery for definitive management.

Occasionally malignancy or cancer presents with a lump in the neck that requires a thorough workup with investigations to identify the underlying pathology. Lumps such as lymphoma in the lymph nodes of the neck are usually treated non-surgically but may require an operation or procedure to obtain a diagnosis.

Other malignant tumours in the neck usually require surgical management and may be secondary cancers from primary tumours in the oral cavity, throat, skin or thyroid.

Your surgeon will discuss with you the best way to investigate a neck lump and once a diagnosis has been made, treatment strategies including surgery are then planned.


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