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Every person deserves to be heard

that’s our philosophy, and it inspires our mission of improving the way our patient’s voice sounds and feels. More importantly, we aim to help you feel confident from the inside out. At Pinnacle Voice, we know the emotional and psychological impact that voice issues can have. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every one of our patients feels genuinely listened to, understood and confident in the approaches we recommend. Our holistic approach means that we focus on the entire person, not just the condition. We guide, inform, support, and motivate you at every stage. We walk hand-in-hand through what’s often a challenging emotional and physical journey to get you back to the life they love as quickly as we can.

We believe we are better together and you are at the heart of the Pinnacle Way.

Your healing journey is shared with our team and with those who matter most to you, because you know your voice better than anyone.

When you come for your appointment at Halcyon Voice you’ll be seen by Dr Amanda and one of our dedicated speech pathologists. By seeing us together, you have decades of experience focused on your recovery.

Successful care can’t just be measured by what someone else thinks. We use outcome measures that reflect your experience of your problem and healing and use technology to track your progress


The Pinnacle Voice Process

Every voice matters at Pinnacle 

Voice is essential to how we connect and communicate with others. Imagine if your vocal capacity was somehow affected, or you lost your voice altogether—it’s a disturbing thought. Anyone who has a voice problem deserves help from a specialist.

Thankfully, our voice specialists live and breathe the world of voice every day, and they’re here to help. The entire Pinnacle team of surgeons, speech pathologists and support staff are motivated by the same goal:

To inform, support, guide and encourage you at every stage of their journey while helping you return to the life and voice they love as quickly as possible.

Our patient care process begins with a comprehensive assessment, including the most advanced technology for vocal cord imaging.


Cutting-edge Voice Treatment Technology

At Pinnacle we use Videostroboscopy technology, which enables us to provide you with a clear understanding of the problem that you may be experiencing. Our in-house team hold international expertise in the most advanced laryngology techniques and our multidisciplinary approach to voice, swallowing and airway conditions ensure everyone receives the highest quality of care.

Our Team and Facilities

The Voice and Swallowing and Breathing Centre at Pinnacle Surgery is a state of the art facility located at The Epworth Hospital in Melbourne. One of Australia’s leading Voice and Swallowing specialists, Dr Amanda Richards, leads our team of practitioners who possess international specialist experience in this niche area.

Our speech pathologists are fiercely passionate about caring for the human voice and addressing swallowing and upper airway disorders. Coupling their speech pathology experience, many of the team come from performing arts backgrounds, which means that they understand the impact of voice issues and know first-hand the concerns of performers seeking help.

Our Team


Dr Amanda Richards

Ear, Nose & Throat,
Head and Neck Surgeon
Pinnacle Surgery



BA, GradCertVoice, MSpPath, CPSP Speech Pathologist,
Voice Therapy


Madlyn Connelly

Speech Pathologist
Voice Therapy



BA, AdvDipPerfA, MSpPath (Hons), CPSP
Speech Pathologist
Voice Therapy