Georgia Magarey
BA, GradCertVoice, MSpPath, CPSP


About Georgia

Georgia’s journey to becoming a speech pathologist has always felt somewhat serendipitous. She had completed a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University and was undertaking an acting voice class being led by a voice teacher who also happened to be a qualified speech pathologist. It was from there she began her pursuit to combine her passion for the arts and science gaining her Master of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University in 2006. She has complemented her speech pathology skills by undertaking a Postgraduate Certificate in Voice Studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne in 2015.

Georgia has worked extensively in the acute hospital setting in some of Australia's leading tertiary hospitals prior to establishing Voice Therapy in 2015. She is a clinical voice researcher with interests in neurological voice disorders and professional voice. She also spent a year at the University of Toronto, Canada conducting research into swallowing disorders.

Georgia is committed to ongoing professional development to continue her pursuit to understand more about the complexities of the unique instrument that is the voice box. With borders finally opened, she took the opportunity to undertake studies at the Summer Vocology Institute with esteemed voice scientist Dr Ingo Titze. Vocology - the term used to define the study of the voice - remains infinitely fascinating and she believes it is a true privilege to work in this field.

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